We are a team of creative designers for clients with a focus on retail solutions.


Your brand and strategy are our starting point for the definition of clear and achievable project goals. You know who your brand is and what your goals are, we understand how to achieve them.


From global concepts to local solutions. Interiors and communication. Online and offline. On time and on budget.

Hybrid retail

Offline and online retail are inextricably linked. The strategic principles, segmentation, zoning and theme communication have many similarities.
However, the business model, design development and implementation require a new approach. By exploring different retail scenarios together, we can find the ideal ‘hybrid’ retail mix for each project.

Size doesn’t matter

We work on a wide variety of projects. From the development of a new retail formula for an international supermarket chain, to a campaign for a local retailer. The goal and the solutions require the same creative energy, only the scale is different.


In the end it’s all about people. Your strategy and goals and our creative solutions have to be people-focused. Shared aims are at the core of the partnerships we form with our clients.


We are straight-forward in that too.